Friday, May 13, 2016

20 years old

So yeah I am now 20 years old. Its so weird to think that I am starting this chapter of my life now. But it is so nice to start moving on the adult things and to move on. Also I was able to skype the family this last Sunday. As a missionary we only get to write our families twice a year, so 4 times as a missionary. And Ive already skyped twice, man the time is flying by so fast. I cant believe it. I really dont have a lot to write you all this week. We are headed to Sincelejo tomorrow for a zone meeting which will be really fun. Also today we discovered a tie shop that sells ties for 10,000 pesos. Which is roghly 3 dollars, what a steel. I hope all is well with you guys at home.

Shout out to all the mothers back at home. Doing their best to teach their kids and being the best people in the world. Without moms I am convinced we would be nothing, so glad that I have had an exeplary of a mother for me in my life. Thank you so much mom and all the other mother figures in my life for helping me get on the mission and being the man I am today.

Also i brought a freaking amazing hammock the other day. It was an early birthday present hahahah it is the best thing after a long day of walking in the scorching heat of Sahagun.

Take care, god speed. --

May 9, 2016

Colombian Women Act Like American Men

I swear the Colombian women act like the dudes back in the U.S Whenever my comp and I walk down the streets we get a lot of cat calls. It can get a little annoying now and then. We get a few comments like this. "WOW IT IS SO HOT TODAY." or "I CANT LOOK AT THEM IT IS A SIN TO LOOK." It is almost a daily thing. Sister Wahlquist was right, i wouldn´t have a lot of severe problems in Colombia, the main problems are the women, man that is so true. But this week was really good, I love my comp. This area is really nice, we have a lot of investigators we are updating the area and this week we are going to have a lot of new investigators. We were suppose to have a baptism this week but we didnt. It was suppose to be a kid of 14 years old named Jose Junior. He was all ready until Elder Zuchel and I, the district leader, went to get a permission slip signed so he could be baptized. She refused because she wants to see a real change in him first before he can be baptized in any church. It broke my heart, because she said that he has made a change, but it wasnt enough for her. She says he is lazy a bit in school and that he doesnt speak the cleanest language around her. We want to tell her that it is important that he does have a change, but baptism is where it starts. If I had to be nearly perfect before I was baptized I probably wouldnt have been baptized either. If it also wasnt my parents have a lot of patience with me as young adult and a child, I probably never would have been who I am today. We hope that Jose can change his aditudes so he can get baptized. We also are teaching a woman named Jaqueline, she is practically a member but has yet to be baptized. She goes all the time to teach, reads her scriptures and prayers often. She just cant yet because she lives together with her boyfriend but is not married. She wants to get seperated but cant find work yet, so we are being patient with her hoping that in the coming weeks she will be ready. Thats a little bit of what is going on as far as the work here in Sahagun. Also something that is really cool here they have these things called Moto-Carros. Its is like a three wheel motorcycle with a roof over it. It seats about 4 people including the driver. So whenever we go places together us 4 missionaries. It can be a pain in the butt.

This week it will be my birthday. 20 YEARS BABY. Man that makes me feel old, but thats okay. We will have to do something special here in Sahagun, we´ll see, I'm really looking forward to the following few days here. Always a fun day here in Sahagun.

Also this week I will get the chance to skype with my family. The last time I talked with them was on Christmas, really stoked to see how they all are doing and catch up with them. This will be a great week, cant wait to tell you all about it in the coming week letter.

May 2, 2016

A classic missionary pic. Walking down dirt roads with Elder Zuchel.

Look at that Beautiful work of art, and the sunset.

Got sunburnt really bad last Monday, don't worry mom it's all better now.

Monday, April 18, 2016

I got good news boys

Yeah so this week we have transfers and... I´m headed to the coast. Im going to be senior companion too. The zone is called Sincelejo. Its the farthest north of the zones. I´m glad that I´m headed there instead of going directly to Monteria. Sincelejo is a little cooler than the other areas, which that I am grateful for. Although I am a little sad to leave my first area, I am also excited for what the next area holds. I heard that the spanish accent in the coast is terrible and really hard to understand, I feel like it will make me have to learn spanish all over again. Also I will be going from the most southern zone to the most northern zone, it will be about a total of 20 hours in a bus, which is going to suck, but glad that I will be going back to the area where my buds Elder Norrel and Elder Zuchel are, i´m super pumped.

I cant really think of anything to update you guys on. We havn´t had a lot of success this week. So I think I´ll let all of you guys know exactly what we do as missionaries.
6:30 wake up in the morning, and then do exercise for 30 minutes
7 eat breakfast and get dressed/ready for the day
8 personal study
9 companionship study
10 study english for my latino companion and I study more spanish 11 start proselyting, teahcing lessons, doing service, saving souls
12:30 we have lunch with church members which is awesome, they also never give us water to drink, they always make fresh juice, which is the best part of lunch
2-9 teach lessons, doing service, saving more souls. Teaching the gospel of jesus christ and doing our best to help out our brothers and sisters here in Colombia
9 daily planning, we plan our activities for the next day and set goals for what we want to do
10:30 go to bed usually by the end of the day we are dead, and then we rest and then get a fresh start for the next day.

This is basically a day in the life of Elder Harris One more thing I would like to say, there was an earthquake in Ecuador, they said that they could feel it in Cali Colombia, which is close to Sevilla, but nobody here felt it. When we found out that there was an earthquake we didnt believe it, it was like nothing happened hahahhaha. But this is what happened this week. Cant wait to tell you more about what is in store in the coast. Keep up the good work peeps, the next photos youll see of me ill be a bit tanner haha

Elder Harris

April 18, 2016

I lucked out and got a lot of photos with a lot of our investigators and less active members. The reason for a lot of photos is because I am headed to a new area! Im headed to the coast, going to an area called Sincelejo. Ill be senior comp too! We´ll see how it goes. I have heard that there are a lot of iguanas on the coast too! Im so excited.

Feliz Abril

Well this week not a lot has really been going on, but I will do my best to write as long of a letter as I can, my mom likes long letters haha.

So this week went by really fast! We focused a lot of out time and energy looking for less active members and doing our best to bring them back to church. Its all a really long process but we are getting there. We are currently teaching a less active family, the Garces family. They have a lot of kids and I get them confused a lot because there are so many of them haha. But we have had a lot of success this week with finding new people to teach, we have spent most if not all our time looking for new people to teach, needless to say I am exhausted this week.

This next week we have changes! I am so excited, ill finally be going somewhere else, I have spent the first quarter of my mission here in Sevilla. Its been way too long, hopefully I go somewhere cool, either Medellin or the Coast. For some odd reason I really want to go to the coast, even though you sweat every second of every day, it sounds like a lot of fun.

This week we had one of our investigator families come to church! It was the firs time in about a month, and they came!! It was amazing, hopefully they will come next week as well. The only bad thing that happened was that someone stole their helmets during the church hours, hopefully that didn't leave a bad impression on them. I felt so bad, they go to church and what do they get? Their helmets stolen what a bummer. Also everyone here in Colombia has a motorcycle, it is so cool. Makes me want to get a moto when I get back.

Also last night we got some bad news, our investigator who is suppose to be getting baptized last week was in a motorcycle accident. He's fine, but he walks with a limp and is doing well more or less. We hope that we can continue to visit him and check up on him. He's doing alright, just hit a little rough patch.

Yeah so we had an inter exchange with the district leader last week, I love Elder Quiroga, he is so much like me, he is a fun loving guy and he is such a good leader. He make me laugh and smile more than any other elder. I also got a sweet case for my preach my gospel, cost about a dollar, which is a steel, that I love about Colombia.

I don't got a lot else to talk about, sorry this letter isn't super detailed, ill make sure to take good notes and keep you all informed next week. Also more photos if I can.

Have a great week everyone, stay safe and remember who you are. That wraps up this week stay tuned til next monday :)

April 11, 2016

Me and the Colombian cool kids.

I asked Josh what the circumstance was around this picture of kids. This is his reply:
That picture is at this sports park, all the kids come to me and ask for me to speak english to them its awesome! For once I feel famous, around kids hahaha

Found this little guy in our house.

I bought this awesome case for my Preach My Gospel. It cost 4 mil. A little more than a dollar.

Jampier and I, he loves photos, and yes that is 4 kittens I got there. Haha!

General Conference

Its crazy how fast the time goes by in the mission. Flies by so fast. Anyways this week was really good.


Man it was so nice to hear the voice of the prophet and his apostles. He really is a man called of God. Even though he didn't talk for a lot his message was filled with power and authority. He really is the prophet here on the earth and he loves us so much. Imagine how much love our Heavenly Father has for us. This really hit me as I watched conference this week.

There was a problem though. Because of local circumstances, there were some little battles that broke out in Colombia. This took place far away from Sevilla, but because it took place in Colombia the whole mission wasn't allowed to leave home on Saturday. This was a bummer because we didn't get to see the sessions on Saturday, luckily we were able to leave for the Priesthood session. We got the OK from our zone leaders that we were allowed to leave for the Priesthood session that night.

The conference talks were so good, I got so much out of them and it made me feel like I am doing my part as a mission. Always encouraging us to do better, to work our hardest, and then all things will work out. It brought a lot of peace to my soul.

I've been reading in the Bible this last week and I found a few scriptures that I would like to share with you guys. Its in Romans 12:9-15 What I liked doing was analyzing each of these scriptures, they each say something different and specific that we can apply to our lives. They have really stuck out to me, and has encouraged me to step up my character. I promise that if you analyze these scriptures and apply them you'll feel more peace throughout the day, because it has done the same for me. Thats my spiritual thought I want to leave with you guys.

One more quick thing, I found out this week that practically all of my friends from home are either engaged or married now. When I get back I will have no friends AHHahahaHhHahHAhAHa. Crazy how so many things change in just 6 months. Man I feel old. have a great week all of y'all in the states, keep up the good work and remember to stand in holy places. Elder Harris ;)

9 Let love be without dissimulation. Abhor that which is evil; cleave to that which is good. 10 Be kindly affectioned one to another with brotherly love; in honor preferring one another; 11 Not slothful in business; fervent in spirit; serving theLord; 12 Rejoicing in hope; patient in tribulation; continuing instant in prayer; 13 Distributing to the necessity of saints; given to hospitality. 14 Bless them which persecute you: bless, and curse

April 4, 2016

This is us at a Noche de Hogar, Family Home Evening.

This is for my Dad, HIMNOS

We are in the house all day, so this was our group photo. The guy on his head is my comp and I'm in my llama sweater.

The photo doesn't do justice, this place sits on top of a valley. Look closely it's amazing.

Monday, March 21, 2016

6 Months

Hey.. This week has flown by! Yeah so this following week I will have been out for 6 months which is crazy, the time in the mission is flying by! Things here in the mission are great. Daily Elder Mejia and I are looking for new investigators. Right now there is a ton of work to do here in Sevilla Valle.

We have quite a few progressing investigators which is a miracle. We had the Osorio Baquero family come to church with us, also Juan Sebastian, Dayana Lopez, and Cris Dayana. Right now we have teach a lot of youth and we are looking for new families to teach. The only problem with families here in Sevilla is none of them are actually married. The live together but are not actually husband and wife. Us as missionaries, we just do our best to help them get those marriage papers ready so they can say I DO!

So I am still with Elder Mejia. This will be my third transfer with him and I think I will be going somewhere new this coming transfer. Man I have been in Sevilla for a long time. Its time for a change.

The weather here is a mix. Sometimes is gets really hot, like sweating out of my shirt daily kind of thing. And some days it will rain on and off during the day, and a little chilly. I guess thats just my area for ya.

This week I have started to keep a study journal during my personal studies. And that has made all the difference! I have learned so much more from taking notes, it helps a lot. Summarizing what I have learned and then applying it is crazy. Its amazing how the scriptures can change so much. When we make these daily things a habit, they can bless us in so many ways.

As far as spanish goes, I can read everything, understand everyone, but still lack in the speaking/writing department haha. I can say what I need to say, but still gotta work at it. This week was really great, and the days are flying by here in the mission.

The bad news is is I lost one of my mission placks this week. I still have the one for my shirt pocket, but lost the clip one. And Im so ticked!! Now I gotta get another uhhh

Oh well have a good week, stay safe ya yankees

When we can't play soccer, we play Ping Pong.

This little soda is S'CUTE.

Este es El Libro de Mormon

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Park Drunks and Jump Rope

This week was super fun. There were a lot of events that were a bit out of the ordinary, but super fun. First we were sitting in the parking waiting for a member to come with us so we could teach a lesson. In the mean time this publicly intoxicated man walks towards us and starts speaking jibberish, I literally couldn't understand a word, it was definitely not Spanish. He threw his hat on the ground a few times and then would start poking our chests. We both gave him 200 pesos which is about 20 cents. He still wouldn't leave. Once the member finally came we were getting ready to leave when he gave both of us a very wet kiss on the hand. It was super gross. It was weird but also super funny. Definitely something to note.

Also the other day I saw the Colombian Fetty Wap. For those of you who don´t know who Fetty Wap is he is a Rapper with only one eye. It was cool because he reminded me exactly of him haha.

Also we were headed to go teach a discussion when in front of their house they were playing jump rope. They insisted that the Elders join in. My elementary school skills were a little rusty but I was able to do pretty good. That was a lot of fun.

There is some bad news tho. We now have a new rule as a mission that we can only play soccer with other missionaries. Im okay with that, its just that we are the farthest away from all the other missionaries, so we cant play soccer. Its bad because its like one of the few ways that I can relieve stress. Elder Mejia and I are getting pretty stressed out, it sucks. But today we are gonna play ping pong. All of that pong practice in the basement is going to pay off today. Maybe a could rounds of sting pong we´ll see.

Just a quick note for you guys to remember to say your prayers daily. Its amazing how something so simple can make such a difference. Also make sure to ask for specific questions, when we ask specific questions we receive specific answers. It is so true, it crazy but we can receive specific answers if we ask with faith.

Have a great week everyone. Hope to hear from you all soon.

Elder Harris :)

Hey I have an updated on the weirdest thing I have eaten in the mission. On Tuesday we had cow stomach. It was nasty. haha

Elder Castillo and I before he left for Medellin.

My favorite Peruvians, my comp Elder Mejia and Elder Castillo

Me and Toby, a dog of one of the members

And a photo of Elder Rice, he was super sick. Reminds me a lot of The Other Side of Heaven when Kolipoki has his feet drying in the sun after the rats ate his feet haha.