Wednesday, October 21, 2015


 I am still in the MTC so far things have not changed a lot. Except that I have become a good at soccer! One day I made four goals! I got a hat trick in soccer. This has never happened, and I swear I have set a record for the MTC.

A lot of classes, a lot of food. We have the best teachers here in the MTC. Hermano Gomez gives us candy and always tells me, Bien Echo Elder Harris. He is seriously like the coolest guy I have ever met. We also get to go the temple pretty often. Most of my P Day photos are of us at the temple and back at the MTC. So my photos aren´t that interesting. Also we only get to use our cameras on P Day. I know it´s a huge bummer.

I love to see the temple

The weather here is pretty much the same year round. I heard it varies a little more once I get out. But I hear that November and December is when we have the rainny season. I´ll be ready for that though. I don´t know anything about my mission president. I don´t even know if he speaks English. Hopefully when I meet him that he does. If not, i´ll just have to learn the language faster haha.

The first aid box is amazing. I haven´t had much use for it yet. But I have a feeling once I get out in the field it will be more useful for me. It takes up a lot of space. But it´s okay. I´m prepared haha. I am so glad that I have that kit packed. It has helped me out so much.

Today all of the Latinos left for their missions. It´s kind of sad because I had some really good friends in this group. I will miss them a lot. Elder Cordova has helped me smile and just be a more genuine happy spirit while in prison. I mean the MTC haha.

Today was our P Day and we got to go on a cultural tour! It was amazing, we got so many good photos of the city from on top of the mountain. I got a photo with a llama. Visit a gold museum. I also got to eat some ants! And pretty much everyone in our entire district got llama sweaters! Also the currency here is weird. A U.S dollar is equivelent to 3,000 pesos. So a llama sweater costs about 20 dollars. It´s so cheap here. Also my companion got spat on by the llama. He said it sucked, but that it was awesome at the same time. He told me he wanted to get spit on haha. Elder Hanson is a crazy goof. He´s super cool. Once I get to leave the MTC I will have time to actually sit down and reply to emails. It is kind of terrible here. I will for sure have times when I can write when I finally get out into the field. But for now, I only have two more weeks. Then here I come Medellin.

Elder Harris

October 20, 2015

The Mormons visit the Catholic Church

Lluscas the Llama

The City! Bogota is Dope

This is an ant. It tastes like salty dirt.


Monday, October 19, 2015

Martin Harris

So yeah all the new latinos call me Martin Harris. They refuse to call me Elder Harris. Im okay with it though. Our new roommates are super cool. Right now I am teaching Elder Cordova how to speak English. He tells me that he is trying to learn how to speak english so he can have an american wife. Right now hes pretty good at keeping conversation. We just have to keep working with the English that he does have. He also has a huge crush on the sisters in our district. He keeps asking me to get her email so he can write her on the mission.

Things are going really well. Everyone keeps emailing me saying that I will eat a ton of rice. I am here to tell you that that is 110 percent true. Enough of telling me about rice. I have had about 20 lbs of rice in the last 3 weeks. All I do is rice. I miss my Minnesota fam, and Idaho fam. Hope things are good out in Saint Paul and in Rexburg. You guys are always in my prayers. Even though I miss school, and all the fun things associated with it. There is nothing else that I would rather be doing than serving the Lord.

The haircut lady finally got me. I had to get my locks cut off. Thats ok, I like short hair anyways. Funny because now my companion has to get his haircut, and he really does not want to. The days are starting to mix into each other. The days feel long but the weeks go by fast. It is the weirdest magic in the world. Its hard to believe that I have been gone for about a month now. Things are good. Spanish is good. Friends are good. Unfortuantely all the new Latinos leave again on Tuesday. But next transfer we will be getting new people heading to Medellin.

Also I found out that Shakira is from Medellin. I am going to baptize her. Just watch. And I someday will be Mr. Shakira. Im ready to finally get out into the field. Apparently Medellin is a lot nicer than Bogota. It is a lot more developed and also the people are nicer. At least that is what the teachers say. I can't wait until I can finally get to my mission. Also in a few days we get to go on a cultural tour. We get to explore the city and see some shops. Older people have gotten llama sweaters and soccer jerseys. Hopefully I can get something cool while on the trip. We also get to take a few photos of us sitting on a llama. I AM SO PUMPED TO SIT ON THE LLAMA.

Just to let everyone know I am doing good. Things are good. Teachers are good. Hopefully I will have more to write once I get out in the field.

Until next time,
Elder Harris

October 15, 2015

Oreo. Me, Elder Cordova, and Elder Hernandez

El Templo de Colombia

Elder Hillam

The Bike Man

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Change in the CCM

So this week was pretty good. So far all of the Latino´s are headed out to their assigned areas so its pretty quiet in the CCM. There is about 30 people in the CCM. But we´re going to make up for it tomorrow. We´re suppose to get like 50 new people in. It´s going to be a packed house. I also had to say goodbye to two of my roommates, Elder Medina and Elder Fernandez. (The two latinos in my previous picture.) We got eachother´s contact information so we will be writing each other a lot. Also this past week was conference, it was amazing. The whole time we were so pumped. It was like getting ready to watch the super bowl. I wrote so many notes it´s insane. I also learned a lot. Go back and watch Jeffery R. Holland´s talk about mothers. It was the best talk that I watched during conference. "No love in mortality comes closer to approximating the pure love of Jesus Christ than the selfless love a devoted mother has for her child." Because of this talk it reminded me of all the things that my own mother has done for me. If it wasn´t for her and her example I don´t know if I would be the person I am today. Seriously, she has changed my life. Because of her loving influence in my life, it has made it easier for me to serve a mission. I miss her a ton, but know that Colombia is where I am suppose to be right now. Now being away from family and friends I realize how great my life has been, and how much the Lord has blessed me. Becuase of the love and support from everyone at home, it makes it all worth the while to serve. I´ll do my best to keep people updated. If I don´t write you back it´s not because I don´t want to respond. I just only get one hour to write once a week.

A few days ago we got to go proselyting for an hour. It was pretty good, me and Elder Hanson got 6 contacts in about an hour. The best part was when we got to talk to a woman who seemed to be in her twenties. She was smoking a cigarette when we started talking to her. As I tried my best to bare my testimony in Spanish, she was surprrisingly receptive to our message. She accepted a Book of Mormon and got her contact information. Also half way through talking with her she put out her cigarette and had more of a smile on her face. The best part was when the sisters in our district walked past her later during the hour, they told us that she had already started reading the Book of Mormon. It was a small instince like this that made missionary work all worth it to me. The fact that I have the ability to bless other people´s lives is incredible. And I haven´t even left the CCM yet.

Today was also a good day. We got to go to the Bogota temple. It´s super big compared to the one in Saint Paul. Afterwards we got to go to the Immigration Offices in downtown Bogota. They said it usually takes about 2-5 hours to go all thte way through the process. We were out of there in about an hour and a half. It´s crazy, the people in the offices are terrifying, they like stare into your soul. Luckily I made it out alive. And now I am officially a citizen of Colombia! Things are just getting better and better here in the CCM.

An interesting fact about Bogota, graffitti is like encouraged here. There is so much graffiti down here. In America it is seen as defacing property. But here, it is just what they do. People are weird here. At least they are nice to the missionaries. While we are driving home from the immigration office people are selling waffles on a stick. It´s like going to a baseball game, but the baseball game is in the middle of the freeway.

As far as Spanish goes, it´s going alright. People keep telling me that my spanish is good for a gringo. As far as two weeks goes, I can at least carry a conversation and invite others to be baptized. I still have a lot to go, but I know that the more I practice the better I will be.

Su Objectivo: Invitar a las personas a venir a Cristo ayudarlas a que reciban el Evangelio restaurado mediante la fe en Jesucristo y Su Expiación, el arrepentimiento, el bautismo, le recepción del don del Espíritu Santo y el perseverar hasta el fin.

October 6, 2015

Saturday, October 3, 2015

First Week in the MTC (CCM)

As far as the plane ride getting here went, it was pretty good. It was also nice because I didn’t lose any luggage, and made it safely. So in Bogota, its not called the MTC, they call it the CCM. I don’t know why, that is just what it is called. It’s also very small. There are like 60 missionaries in the whole CCM. Our district is pretty cool. We are district Moroni. Most of the people are going to Colombia, but a few of them are going to Ecuador. At first when I was in the CCM I was super home sick. I just really wanted to go home, and be with my family. But once I started focusing on why I was here, it made it easier to focus on my objective as a missionary. I appreciate all the letters from people. If I can’t email you back its not because I don’t want to. It’s because I only have time to write for one hour each week. Seriously all of these notes are amazing. They are the best part of the week.

As far as the people here, it’s great. Whenever the Latino teachers meet someone from Utah they call them Mormon Factory. When I first heard this, I was dying. The Latino teachers are hilarious and really fun. Spanish is tough but I’m learning little by little. When they tell me that Spanish is one of the easiest languages to learn, it gets really discouraging. But learning the language will come. It’s only a matter of time. Also everyday at 4 we get to play soccer or futbol with the teacher. They are so good at soccer, I thought I was good but man, these guys are fast. They win and barely break a sweat. But its nice after sweating my guts out we get to have pretty nice dinners. I swear I have eaten so much that I have gained at least 3 pounds. I am eating so much that I have had to loosen my belt loop one notch already haha. Also they give you avocado slices that are as big as your hand.

The apartments are pretty nice, we have a really good view of the streets. There is an intersection right outside our window. It’s really fun, my companion and I watch traffic after personal study and watch the traffic, its insane. So nobody stops at stop signs, and people don’t wait for anyone, they just pull out into the intersection and expect everyone else to wait for them. Seriously there are like two cars changing lanes, while a bike is like 6 inches away, into oncoming traffic and a guy is doing a U turn in the opposite direction, while an old lady walks through the street. Not in the crossing area, through the street. Its crazy. Yesterday was also good, there was a bus parked outside the CCM playing I want it that way by the Backstreet Boys, I think. And it was the best day so far haha. Sometimes it feels like prison because we never get to leave, but I know that it is mostly for safety.

Also on P Days there is a lady that walks around the CCM looking for missionaries that need haircuts. Luckily I have been able to avoid her. But I have a feeling that I’m getting a haircut today. More updates to come on the situation. We also got to go to the temple today. Because today is P Day I was able to play with the Latino teachers. It was amazing I and a few assists and a goal. That was my miracle for the day.

The mornings can be rough because we have to get up at 6, but it’s starting to get better. The showers are terrible. Everyday we wake up and then have to take a shower in ice. The water never heats up, but I’m getting more and more used to it. My companion is pretty cool, he is fresh out of high school and is from Alpine, UT. A lot of the teachers call him Mormon Factory, its pretty funny. Things are getting better, also General Conference is this week. I am so stoked, this weekend is going to be a blast.

October 1, 2015

Elder Harris and companion Elder Hanson