Wednesday, October 21, 2015


 I am still in the MTC so far things have not changed a lot. Except that I have become a good at soccer! One day I made four goals! I got a hat trick in soccer. This has never happened, and I swear I have set a record for the MTC.

A lot of classes, a lot of food. We have the best teachers here in the MTC. Hermano Gomez gives us candy and always tells me, Bien Echo Elder Harris. He is seriously like the coolest guy I have ever met. We also get to go the temple pretty often. Most of my P Day photos are of us at the temple and back at the MTC. So my photos aren´t that interesting. Also we only get to use our cameras on P Day. I know it´s a huge bummer.

I love to see the temple

The weather here is pretty much the same year round. I heard it varies a little more once I get out. But I hear that November and December is when we have the rainny season. I´ll be ready for that though. I don´t know anything about my mission president. I don´t even know if he speaks English. Hopefully when I meet him that he does. If not, i´ll just have to learn the language faster haha.

The first aid box is amazing. I haven´t had much use for it yet. But I have a feeling once I get out in the field it will be more useful for me. It takes up a lot of space. But it´s okay. I´m prepared haha. I am so glad that I have that kit packed. It has helped me out so much.

Today all of the Latinos left for their missions. It´s kind of sad because I had some really good friends in this group. I will miss them a lot. Elder Cordova has helped me smile and just be a more genuine happy spirit while in prison. I mean the MTC haha.

Today was our P Day and we got to go on a cultural tour! It was amazing, we got so many good photos of the city from on top of the mountain. I got a photo with a llama. Visit a gold museum. I also got to eat some ants! And pretty much everyone in our entire district got llama sweaters! Also the currency here is weird. A U.S dollar is equivelent to 3,000 pesos. So a llama sweater costs about 20 dollars. It´s so cheap here. Also my companion got spat on by the llama. He said it sucked, but that it was awesome at the same time. He told me he wanted to get spit on haha. Elder Hanson is a crazy goof. He´s super cool. Once I get to leave the MTC I will have time to actually sit down and reply to emails. It is kind of terrible here. I will for sure have times when I can write when I finally get out into the field. But for now, I only have two more weeks. Then here I come Medellin.

Elder Harris

October 20, 2015

The Mormons visit the Catholic Church

Lluscas the Llama

The City! Bogota is Dope

This is an ant. It tastes like salty dirt.


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