Monday, October 19, 2015

Martin Harris

So yeah all the new latinos call me Martin Harris. They refuse to call me Elder Harris. Im okay with it though. Our new roommates are super cool. Right now I am teaching Elder Cordova how to speak English. He tells me that he is trying to learn how to speak english so he can have an american wife. Right now hes pretty good at keeping conversation. We just have to keep working with the English that he does have. He also has a huge crush on the sisters in our district. He keeps asking me to get her email so he can write her on the mission.

Things are going really well. Everyone keeps emailing me saying that I will eat a ton of rice. I am here to tell you that that is 110 percent true. Enough of telling me about rice. I have had about 20 lbs of rice in the last 3 weeks. All I do is rice. I miss my Minnesota fam, and Idaho fam. Hope things are good out in Saint Paul and in Rexburg. You guys are always in my prayers. Even though I miss school, and all the fun things associated with it. There is nothing else that I would rather be doing than serving the Lord.

The haircut lady finally got me. I had to get my locks cut off. Thats ok, I like short hair anyways. Funny because now my companion has to get his haircut, and he really does not want to. The days are starting to mix into each other. The days feel long but the weeks go by fast. It is the weirdest magic in the world. Its hard to believe that I have been gone for about a month now. Things are good. Spanish is good. Friends are good. Unfortuantely all the new Latinos leave again on Tuesday. But next transfer we will be getting new people heading to Medellin.

Also I found out that Shakira is from Medellin. I am going to baptize her. Just watch. And I someday will be Mr. Shakira. Im ready to finally get out into the field. Apparently Medellin is a lot nicer than Bogota. It is a lot more developed and also the people are nicer. At least that is what the teachers say. I can't wait until I can finally get to my mission. Also in a few days we get to go on a cultural tour. We get to explore the city and see some shops. Older people have gotten llama sweaters and soccer jerseys. Hopefully I can get something cool while on the trip. We also get to take a few photos of us sitting on a llama. I AM SO PUMPED TO SIT ON THE LLAMA.

Just to let everyone know I am doing good. Things are good. Teachers are good. Hopefully I will have more to write once I get out in the field.

Until next time,
Elder Harris

October 15, 2015

Oreo. Me, Elder Cordova, and Elder Hernandez

El Templo de Colombia

Elder Hillam

The Bike Man

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