Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Future Brother In Law

Remember how dad told the story about how if you see a woman you can only look at her for 3 seconds. But if your companion doesnt see her you get his 3 seconds. So you get a total of 6 seconds. So my companion doesnt know this rule, so I always get 6 seconds haha.

I found the photo of our family and I put in on my desk. Elder Castillo who is from peru keeps telling me that I am going to be his future brother in law, he wants to marry Somer. He reminds me everyday, it can get kind of annoying, but for the most part it is fun. Somer please do me a favor and never marry any of my companions ok haha.

So we have a baptism this Saturday! I am so pumped. His name is Oneider and has a super strong testimony. We are so proud of his example to follow Christ and to become better. He is such an inspiration to me. He is super involved in the church and eveyone loves him. He is going to do great things, and we hope he continues to make the right choices.

My spanish is getting a lot better, I can understand pretty much everything that people are saying to me. But there are a few things here and there that I just dont know. The language is a daily battle. Having my companion who is from Uruguay really helps me in language study. I'm learning more and more each day. It is nice to know that I am better in the language now than I was the day before. In lessons I forget a few words, but I can still feel the spirit. Which is a huge blessing for me.

Elder Canavese is awesome! He is such a super cool dude. He follows all the rules and we have fun while out in the field. He is such a good role model for me. He loves all the people and he helps me not to get too stressed or too down on myself. He always helps to encourage me to make the right choices, and to always turn to the savior whenever times are tough. He is the best trainer. Also Elder Covarrubias and Elder Castillo are amazing friends. They are fun to talk to, and make me laugh everyday.

So the food here is like the same every day. We have rice with every meal, a fried banana, and some kind of meat. We eat rice everyday. Usually people get beer guts, but no for missionaries we get rice guts. I need to be more productive in my activity time in the morning hahaha.

All the latinos refer to us as gringos. I'm okay with that and it is fine. So we come back and call them Beaners haha. All the time we talk in a funny voice and go, SHUT UP BEANER! Its not an insult, but more of a joke. The Latinos laugh and we all have a good time.

Also today we are in Armenia. It is the city were we have all our zone meetings. And because my companion is the district leader we go to a lot of meetings in Armenia. Its a lot of fun. Armenia is like an actual city, while Sevilla is more of a local village. Armenia is nice, and we get to play soccer as a zone today. I am so excited to play a good game of soccer.

Also this past week Colombia played Chile. I know this because all of Colombia was dressed in yellow, blue, and red jerseys. The score was 1-1. Im glad we didnt lose. Otherwise we probably would have to go home early from the riots in the streets. I'm just kidding about the riots, I don't haven't ever seen one yet haha.

Thats all I got for you for now. I'll do my best to get lots of pictures today so I can send a lot next week. Everything is chill here in Colombia. Love and miss all of you.

Elder Harris

November 16, 2015

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