Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Straight Outta the MTC

So I made it to Medellin safely. My zone is called Armenia. Its the most southern zone in the mission. I'm in a small town called Sevilla. It's super cool, but it is really small. My companion is Elder Canavese, he is from Uruguay. He speaks super good spanish and knows a little bit of english. I lucked out with a companion that speaks at least a little english. It allows me to grow my spanish, but whenever I have a question he can help me in english. So far the mission work is going great! We have two people with baptismal dates. Oneider and Katherine. Oneider is pretty much a golden investigator. He reads his scriptures daily and prays often. Im so excited for him to make this giant step in his life. Katherine is 14 years old. She has been interested in the church for 4 years, and when we talked with her we asked if we could set a date, and she said yes. Elder Canavese told me that this was a rare ocassion. He had never seen her make such a big step. We hope that we can keep her to that date and hopefully have her baptized.

My companion is amazing, we both get along really well and things just work together. The lanuguage is tough, especially when I am in a lesson trying to convey a message and I dont have the words to say it. It can get really frustrating. But my companion is helping me not to stress to much about things that are out of my control. He is a super cool guy.

Here the weather is really bad. So apparently November and December are the rainny season months in this part of Colombia. It rains nearly every day. Also people told me that once you get out on the mission you're suppose to work your glutes off. I've literally been working my glutes off. We walk so much and often up really steep hills. Whenever I go to bed I'm so happy because it means that I don't have to use my legs. Once my head hits the pillow I'm out so fast. It takes some getting use to the mission schedule but I'm getting there.

Also every day we get to have lunch with members. It is usually the same meal. Beans, rice, meat, and the occasional avocado slice. The people are really nice and cool. But whenever we go walking places people stop and stare whenever we walk past. It's like they have never seen a white person before. Once there was a bunch of kids and some of them gasped when they saw me. Its super strange here. But its kind of nice that I stand out here. I'm the only once in this city with naturally blonde hair.

Things are great, my companion is good, I'm progressing in the language, my testimony is getting stronger and things keep looking better and better.

November 9, 2015

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