Monday, November 23, 2015

The Blonde Bieber

My comp and I were walking in Caicedonia when all of a sudden someone far away looked at me and said that I was the Blonde Bieber. So I´ve been called the blonde bieber. I don´t know if that is a good thing or a bad thing. But I´ll take it for what it is. I´ve been called gringo a thousand times. I am probably the only white person here in Sevilla. There is an eminem rap lyric that goes perfectly with my situation." Yall act like you´ve never seen a white person before." It is so funny because everyone stops and stares at me. People never turn away, when I pass them they turn their heads almost like how an owl can turn his head 180 degrees. It is very strange.

I had my first baptism this week. His name is Oneider, he has a real deep love for his Savior and to do the work of the Lord, and to follow his example. I was able to baptize him and bring him into the gospel. I am so proud of him and hope he will always remember the goodness that is the gospel. I love being out here on my mission. Things are nice and I finally feel like a missionary.

I love my area, it rains almost everyday and can get kind of dull. It actually has change in weather. Some days it can be in the 70-80 degree range and then drop to the 40-50 range. There is a suprising chill in the air. All of the Latinos say that it is freezing and that it is so cold. They wear the same clothing Minnesotans wear when it is -20 at home haha. They have no idea what cold actually is.

Not much happens during the week. We work a lot and have lots of lessons. There isn´t a lot of change going on. Later this week President Calderon will be visiting our zone. I am nervous for our meeting, but I don´t have much to worry about. I am following all the rules and I have never felt so close to the spirit of the Lord before. I love having the hour in the morning for personal study. It is probably my favorite time of the day. I get to search things for my investigators and at the same time strengthen my testimony of the truthfulness of the gospel. I love reading the scriptures because there is so much I get out of them every time I read. I always find something new or personal that applies just for me. I know people say to read and pray every day. But that is so true. If everyone would do those things every day, you would have no idea how much a blessing it will be in your life. Personally for me I took the scriptures for granted. I should have been reading every day. I won´t make that mistake again. Seriously open your scriptures, and use the ones that are bound by paper. Don´t use your phone. There is just something about using your personal scriptures that invites the spirit, and you can feel the sweet tender love of the Savior. The scriptures can change your life, and if you apply them and ask sincerely through prayer, we can know the truth of all things. The Book of Mormon is true, and I can say that without a doubt.

The mission is going great. The work is hastening on, and I am so happy that I get to be a part of this great work. If you have any specific questions you want to ask me feel free to write me. I love getting emails from all of you.

Elder Harris

November 23, 2015

Elders Castillo, Harris, and Covarrubias

Elder Canavese, Oneider, and Elder Harris
I had my first baptism! Oneider is such a cool dude who now wants to serve a mission.