Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Feliz Navidad...

To be completely honest I totally forgot it was Christmas til like today. We have had a lot of work to do this week! We have a lot of work to do here in Sevilla. This town never seems to stay the same. I always find someting new. Like the other day I saw two dogs who look like their head and bodies switched. It was a big dog with a small head and a small dog with a huge head. It was super funny. It was having trouble keeping its head up.

This last week we had our big Christmas party. It was super fun we did the Haka and had some super fun skits. It was super fun. I got to see a few of the missionaries from my original group and got to catch up with them. It was super fun. Also getting a personal letter from my parents was probably one of the best gifts I could have gotten. President Calderon is probably one of the coolest guys I know. He is super short, super funny, and super humble.

This week we will have two baptisms. Ana Maria and her daughter Alejandra, they are probably the coolest couple of gals I have met in Sevilla. They are progressing super well and they continue to want to learn more and progress. I am so proud of them to make this step in their lives and to draw closer to their Savior.

I finally have some photos! Enjoy the heck out of them hahaha. Mom I got a photo of me and Elder Wadley. I thought that would make you happy to see me with him haha. He is super chill, love that guy.

Merry Christmas everyone. I wish the best to everyone this Christmas. Remember the real meaning of Christmas. Watch ABCs 25 days of Christmas for me, eat tons of food, and enjoy the time with your family! It really is the best time of the year. Hope to hear more from you all soon.

√Člder Harris

Me and Elder Wadley

This describes our relationship so well (Elder Norell and I)

Elder Zuchel's first name.

Elder Mejia got a hold of my shaving cream.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Leg Muscles

So this week has been really good! We have had a good week and things are looking really good this week. We have two progressing investigators and we hope to have them baptized on the 26th of December! It will be so cool if we can have them baptized on that day!

I have some pretty big news. I will be getting a new companion this week. Normally the new missionaries have their trainers for the first 12 weeks of the mission. But I am getting a new trainer. He doesnt speak any english, which is going to be so tough, but at least I will grow in the language really fast. I dont know anything else about this missionary, but I hope that we can work together well, and that we can continue to do good work here in Sevilla.

So my mission is a walking mission. We dont have any cars or bikes here in Colombia because if you did, they would be stolen. So instead we walk everywhere. And sometimes we walk for a long time going from appointment to appointment. It really has helped me to get some really strong leg muscles. Seriosuly by the end of my mission I am going to have the most jacked leg muscles haha. Theres the phrase dont skip leg day. Every day for me is leg day, I never skip leg day haha.

Next week we have our big Christmas activity with the combination of the zones! It should be really fun. I have no idea what we will be doing but I think it will be a real fun time.

I have a fun quick story to tell you guys. We were out walking to our next appointment when there were a bunch of ducks in the path. I was very curious to see what would happen if I lightly threw a stone at its belly. I missed and accidently hit it right on the head and it freaked out. Me and Elder Castillo were dying, it was super funny and that made my day.

Another quick little story. Colombians are terrible singers. Whenever we are singing a hymn there are like two old women who are two words behind in the song, and everyone is singing the song like two notes off. It is so bad that it is hard for me to sing the hymn correctly haha. It is super fun.

December 14, 2015

Friday, December 11, 2015

Colombian Christmas

So they don't celebrate Christmas just on Christmas. Everday here in Colombia is Christmas. They night when it turned from November to December is when it all started. There were a ton of fireworks and a lot of music. The Colombians partied all night long. Also Colombians like to get drunk around Christmas time. I guess it is the norm. It also never really feels like the holidays because there is no snow and it is usually around 70-80 degrees each day. But suprisingly it gets cold enough at nights that sometimes I like to wear a sweater.

The work is going great. We have a mother and her daughter set to be baptized on the 19th of December. They read and pray together every day and they are really growing in the gospel. They just need to go to church a few more times and then hopefully they will be ready for baptism. We are also working with a young man named Nicolas. He is the nephew of a ward member, Hermano Salgado. We went to go visit their family but only the mother was there so we followed the mission rules and so we sat and talked with her outside of her house on the curb. If we had gone in the house, seeming harmless, we wouldnt have met Nicolas. Nicolas lived a few houses down and saw us and then came and chatted with us. We got his info, had a few lessons, and now he is set to be baptized on the 26th of December. I have a firm testimony of following the rules. Everything, every rule we have in the mission is for a reason. Nicolas is also progressing really fast. He went to church with us last week and he came with us to Armenia for Zone Conference. Which can be a hard thing because people here are really poor. But he came. I can tell that he is making changes and progressing a lot in his conversion to follow Jesus Christ.

I wish I could say that we have had a really cool experience this week, but not much has happened. Just a lot of lessons and long days. We work a ton, but it is what is needed to be done if we want to hasten the work of the Lord.

Sorry I dont have any photos this week. I dont have the cord to upload photos. Also I only have like two photos to send anyways. There will be a lot more photos next time I promise. We are also in Armenia today for your P Day. We are going to have our zone conference and then go see a christmas light show tonight as a zone! It is going to be a good day.

Colombia is great. I'm learning to just give up myself and be a more dedicated worker. It can get hard and discouraging at times. But is about finding the good times, and working on giving more.

Elder Harris

December 7, 2015

I have the Macklemore Haircut

So last p day I had to get a haircut becuase it was starting to get a little long. I told the lady to cut the sides short and to keep it longer on top, like how I normally like my hair. I forgot to tell her to fade it. So there is a huge definition between the side of my head and the top of my head. It reminds me a lot of Macklemore. I guess it is not that bad, it helps me to better fit in with the people here in Colombia. I kind of like it I am not going to lie.

Also I have been feeling kind of sick these last few days. It must be either the water here, or the food, haha the rice. But something got me pretty sick these last few days. I had a bad fever and it was hard to focus on the work. Brother Salgado, a member in the Sevilla Branch is a nurse. He was able to help me and give me medicine that would help me get better faster. He also suggested that I get a shot, in the butt. I ended up getting a shot in the butt. It was terrible because I had this man stare at my bare butt. It was super funny in the moment and also terrifying. Elder Canavese was laughing the whole time. This was probably the first time I remember getting a shot in the butt. Afterwards I crashed, and was out for about 3 hours. I woke up covered in sweat with my pants half down with my backside exposed. It was probably the weirdest Sunday that I have ever had. It was funny, and probably one of the most memorable parts of my mission so far haha.

I dont have any photos this week, I know sad. But I'll do my best to take more photos and keep you guys updated as best as I can. Thanks everyone back at home, I love getting your emails and knowing that you guys are keeping up on me by reading my blog. If you have any specific questions that you would like to know feel free to let me know. I love knowing that people are still supporting me in everything that I am doing. I pray that things are all well with you all.

So Colombia doesnt celebrate Thanksgiving. It is like the worst thing in the world. It is probably my favorite holiday. Instead we had a ton of rice. But I ate as much as I would have if it were Thanksgiving in Colombia. I felt the spirit of Thanksgiving in the pounds of rice I ate.

So this week we are heading into the Christmas season. On the first day of December in Colombia apparently is super big! They love Christmas here in Colombia. Lots of people like to party and drink a lot. Also all of the christmas lights are flashing lights. They are pretty much like strobe lights, and they are everywhere. I think I am going blind. They are also over all of the Christmas trees too. It is a little overwhelming.

Prayer is amazing, we can litteraly talk with our Heavenly Father. He can give us peace, and give us strength. Elder Christofferson talked about in a mormon message how it is no coincidence that our bodies were made in such a way that we need constant sustenance. The same applies as far as spiritual sustenance. If we dont daily eat, we starve. Also, if we dont read our scriptures and pray daily, our spiritual bodies will starve. This is so true. There was a time where I felt that something was missing. Life was good, but I was feeling this small hole in my life. I have come to know that since I have been serving my mission, it was the lack of reading my scriptures daily. If we continue to have our daily habits, to feed us spiritualy, we can recognize the hand of the Lord in our lives, and he can help bless us. I know this is so true.

Sorry I don´t have a lot to write about. Not much has happened this week. The mission all starts to blend in. But the work is going well. We have a few progressing investigators and a few people with baptismal dates. There is this kid Nicholas who is 15 and really likes our lessons. He knows a bit of english and is super cool. Everytime we meet with him he always wants to know more. He asked us what else can he do after he is baptized. He is such a good example and he knows that this is what he needs in his life right now. We hope to have a baptism for him on the 26 of December!

Thanks for everything, and keeping me updated about your lives. I dont have a ton of time to write. But I wish you all the best.

elder harris

November 30, 2015