Monday, December 14, 2015

Leg Muscles

So this week has been really good! We have had a good week and things are looking really good this week. We have two progressing investigators and we hope to have them baptized on the 26th of December! It will be so cool if we can have them baptized on that day!

I have some pretty big news. I will be getting a new companion this week. Normally the new missionaries have their trainers for the first 12 weeks of the mission. But I am getting a new trainer. He doesnt speak any english, which is going to be so tough, but at least I will grow in the language really fast. I dont know anything else about this missionary, but I hope that we can work together well, and that we can continue to do good work here in Sevilla.

So my mission is a walking mission. We dont have any cars or bikes here in Colombia because if you did, they would be stolen. So instead we walk everywhere. And sometimes we walk for a long time going from appointment to appointment. It really has helped me to get some really strong leg muscles. Seriosuly by the end of my mission I am going to have the most jacked leg muscles haha. Theres the phrase dont skip leg day. Every day for me is leg day, I never skip leg day haha.

Next week we have our big Christmas activity with the combination of the zones! It should be really fun. I have no idea what we will be doing but I think it will be a real fun time.

I have a fun quick story to tell you guys. We were out walking to our next appointment when there were a bunch of ducks in the path. I was very curious to see what would happen if I lightly threw a stone at its belly. I missed and accidently hit it right on the head and it freaked out. Me and Elder Castillo were dying, it was super funny and that made my day.

Another quick little story. Colombians are terrible singers. Whenever we are singing a hymn there are like two old women who are two words behind in the song, and everyone is singing the song like two notes off. It is so bad that it is hard for me to sing the hymn correctly haha. It is super fun.

December 14, 2015

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