Monday, January 4, 2016

Ano Nuevo

2016! It´s crazy we are already starting a new year. Looking forward to doing my best and working hard this year. So this week has been really crazy. We haven't taught a lot of lesson because everyone has been busy with the holidays. Also people in Colombia get super drunk during the new year. People will start drinking in the morning and they don't stop for a few days. It is really weird. Also on the 31st it was tough to be in the streets because there were parades of car and buses with people throwing eggs and flour at people on the streets. Luckily Elder Mejia and I never got hit, but the other two missionaries in our area got covered in flour. It was a very dangerous day, i´ll say that much. We had to be in our home at 7 o'clock that day as well, the mission president didn't want the missionaries our late. So instead we stayed home and did lots of grilling. Elder Mejia is a really good chef, and he loves to cook, so he made tons of food for all the missionaries. Lots of grilled meat, fries, and coca cola. Oh thats another thing, Colombia really does have the best coke. And I don't mean Cocaine, haha but Coca Cola. They use real sugar and it is like 1000 times better. We had a super big feast. While we were waiting to eat, we played lots of Jenga. I didn't lose a single game, I was the boss of Jenga. Lots of fun, lots of talk, and lots of food.

I officially weighed myself and I weight 76 kilograms. Which is about 176 pounds. Ive gained about 10 pounds out in the mission. I am getting fat! Well I don't feel super fat yet, maybe I'm just filling out. I pray that that is the reason haha. Because of this I have to buy new pants today haha. Hopefully I don't gain to much more. It is all the rice haha. I use to not like the rice that much, but now that is my favorite part. We eat rice about every day. Im use to it now.

Well not much to report. We had a good week and hopefully we can continue to work hard and be the best missionaries we can be. I love gettin' all of your emails. I hope you all had a good New Years!

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