Saturday, February 20, 2016

A Baptism

So we have a baptism this coming week, but it is not mine. The other elders here in Sevilla have a baptism on Saturday. I am so excited for them. Today we have our 6 week changes and Elder Covarrubias won't be here to get his first baptism which is sad. But it is all alright, he is headed to the coast to be a zone leader. Crazy, he just finished his 12 week training and is already going to be a zone leader.

Anyways this week for Elder Mejia and I was really good. We taught a lot of lessons and have a lot of new investigators. This week we have been focusing on the Lopez family, it's the family in the photo with all the girls and little kids. They are all really interested in listening to us, but struggle with applying our lessons to their life. We hope that they can continue to keep commitments and work towards a baptismal date. Its crazy Luisa is like 17 years old and has a child. It is normal in Colombia for young girls to have children. It is kind of sad, also practically all of the families we teach are families of women. Hopefully we can work more to have a more male audience and help the corrupt men of Sevilla. Also one of our investigators left to Cali, a city a little more southern from Sevilla. But now we are teaching his parents, his dad is a less active member, and his wife is not a member. They love listening to us and love the missionaries, we hope that they will have a desire to change and hopefully get them back to activity soon. We didnt get any baptisms this transfer, but we hope to get some baptisms here in the following 6 weeks. The work is going well, the Colombian kids swarm me in the streets and demand me to pick them up. Its funny because we are really not suppose to handle children. Im a lot more comfortable with the language, and I can communicate with the people pretty easily now. Also I am adjusted to eating all of the food. We eat so much food for lunch it is crazy. When I was at BYUI there was a girl that told me going on a mission would help me grow out. She is definetly right about that. I feel like I am filling out and hopefully not too fat. Thats what our daily exercise is for haha Have a good week in the snow, I'll be enjoying it here in the nice 80 degree weather that is Colombia.

Elder Harris
January 25, 2016

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