Saturday, February 20, 2016


I have been having some problems with the battery in my camera so I don't have a lot of pictures this week. I´ll make up for it with a lot of good stories, and man do I got a lot of them for you guys. So we were walking to get lunch last Monday when there was this man without any legs and he was in this three wheel wheelchair thing with hand peddles. This guy looked very poor and dirty but had the brightest smile. As we were walking there was a big group of pigeons in the road. This man dashed right into this group of pigeons. The funniest part was that he wasn't fast enough to scare them to fly away, so they all just walked REALLY fast in the opposite direction. It was funny to watch this old man chasing down a pigeon speaking in giberish spanish while in a three wheel wheel chair haha. I dont know why but me and Elder Covarrubias were dying. That made my day.

Another day Elder Mejia and I were out proselyting in an area that was really steep. It was super steep and we walked really slow getting to our next appointment. I saw a rock and tried to kick it really hard and see if it would make it all the way down the hill. I missed it and hit it only enough that it would go a few inches. I was suprised to find out that it kept going and it went SUPER fast all the way down the hill. It was super funny and was going down so fast that there were people in the street we were trying to tell them to watch out for this rock going down the street at the speed of light haha.

Another story, we were in an appointment with someone new who was interested in our message. She had a daughter that was about 3 or 4 years old and let her use my daily planner to draw in a note taking section. She wrote everywhere and everytime she would ask me a question she would call me Mommy. I would keep telling her I am not your mommy haha and it was hard trying to teach with this little girl constantly calling me mommy while Im trying to talk about our church haha. There was another lesson when out of nowhere I got really bad hiccups, it was almost impossible to talk in spanish to her and have hiccups at the same time. I tried to say something really powerful in spanish and when it was my turn to speak my hiccups went away and I was able to say what I needed to say with power and conviction. It was a crazy experience, I didnt expect my hiccups to go away but they did. It was a really good experience.

Another day there were these old ladies carrying these big piles of wood to their house which was a long ways away, about half a mile. Elder Mejia and I helped these ladies carry their wood and they were so glad that we were there to help them. Afterward they invited us in their house to have coffee with them. I just stared at Elder Mejia and we declined and continued walking home. One other quick thing, I have been asked a hundred times if I have a girlfriend. They all are super interested in my personal life. I tell them that for two years we don't really focus on that and we work on sharing this message with people. They call me crazy and say that I am a liar and that I secretly do have a girlfriend and I just don't want to tell them about her hahahah. Its really funny.

On a little more of a serious side I want to say how Ive been feeling about being in the mission and how important my role is in this great work. I am literally a representative of Jesus Christ, and I need to help people in caring for the ways that Christ would. For me that hit me hard that when they see me, they should see me as a representative of him. I have been working really hard this week to be a good example of Him. Every day I do my best to work my hardest so that when I go to bed at the end of the day, knowing that I did everything I could that day to help someone in need, or someone that would need my service. So now I do everything I can to make sure that people have a good impression of me, and that I am here to help others partake of this great blessing I have in my life, the gospel. I try my best everyday to invite others to listen to us and experiment on our words. Elder Mejia and I have had a lot of success this week with lots of investigators coming to church and lots of people having the desire to be baptized. We struggled a bit these last few weeks with the holidays, but our hard work this last week has really payed off. We really are working hard, and hoping that we can keep this up.

The weather is good, the gente is good, and the food gets you fat which is good I guess. Just glad I get that half hour in the morning for exercise haha

Élder Harris
January 11, 2016

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