Saturday, February 20, 2016

No Aftershave

I remember before I left on my mission dad told me not to bring aftershave with me on my mission. "You´ll just buy it on your mission." It´s actually really sad, aftershave doesn't exist in Sevilla. I am really bumbed out about that. I have to shave every day now because my hair is growing so much faster than before the mission. Its kind of cool, but can be a pain having to shave every day. Oh well, rules are rules. I have to shave so much more than my companion. I don't think I have even see him shave once. I just think he has baby skin haha.

This week really had its ups and downs. The bad news first. We had to drop a lot of our investigators this week. A lot of baptismal dates fell through and a lot of people are just not simply progressing. It can get pretty frustraiting when our investigators are so close and then the get cold feet. So right now we don't have a lot of baptismal dates but thats okay. Because we have a golden investigator right now. Her name is Angela Giraldo. She is in her mid 20´s and she is really interested in our message. I am so glad that she is coming to church and is reading the Book of Mormon more and more. I love teaching all of our investigators and seeing them have a change, little by little. So the good news is we have a lot of time to look for new people and get some new investigators. I love going and talking to all of these people. At times it can be a little frustrating not understanding the language100 percent, but I'm close. Luckily having a fluent peruvian helps a lot.

Before I left on my mission and when I was a student at BYUI a girl told me that a mission is exactly what I needed, and that I would fill out more. She was absoluetly right. I dont know how she knew that that is exactily what would happen to me on my mission. And its only been about 5 months and I have filled out so much haha. Also the latinos tell me that I eat so much, that is good and bad haha. I love the colombia food, it is usually the same food, but I love it. Lots of rice, beans, avocado, fried bananas, meat, soup. Yeah, also colombia has this super cool drink called Panela. It is like a brick of sugar cane and you put it in water and it dissolves into this awesome drink. Panela is amazing.

One thing that I have learned to love and appreciate more and more each day is the Atonement of Christ. He loves us so much that he bled from every pour for me, you, and everyone on this earth. I learned that he didn't want to be crucified, he didn't want to have to suffer all the pains of the world. But he was obedient to his Father. Not my will, but thine be done. He was obedient and loved us so much that he atoned, suffered, and died for us. Not only that he suffered for our sins, but our pains, afflictions, and our sorrows. I can't ever be more grateful for his example of obedience and love for others. Every night before I go to bed, thinking about the atonement and how much God and Christ love us, is incredible. They love us more than anyone in the world. I imagine how can anyone love me more than my parents haha, but he does. Remember who you are, loved sons and daughters of a King. Always remember who you are. Have faith in him, also with part of your faith, use it in actions. Pray, read, go to church. If we do these basic things daily, it will transform us over time. Even though it seems repetitive at times, but really they should become a part of who we are. I feel like there has been a change in me since I´ve been out on my mission. We always have right now to say, I want to change. Thats what is so great about the atonement. Not only can we repent of our wrong doings, but we can be changed. I love that, and sharing that with people is really an amazing gift.

Email ya Elder if you want to know more haha Have a good week.

February 8, 2016
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