Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The 4th Missionary

This week was pretty good I guess. We had a ton of fun this last Sunday. We had a lot of lessons and it rained the whole day. It was funny because we were going to wake people up and bring them with us to church. And then it started raining super hard! It was super cool, these two missionaries running in the rain. We were just running, like super fast, it was like an action movie. These two guys running in the rain haha, we were laughing and joking the whole time. We didn't get a lot of people to come, but it was a fun experience. Also this week went by super fast! The days and the weeks are going by really fast! I have been out for 5 months as of tomorrow. Almost a quarter of the mission. It is super crazy how fast the time is flying by. I love it though! I have overcome all of the home sickness, got the language down more or less, and I'm getting over my shyness with people. Also whenever I speak english with people it feels super weird. I am so use to speaking in spanish, english feels weird I don't know. Also how cool is that, like, I can speak spanish that blows my mind. I love it! Spanish is really a cool language. Also it is so much easier than english. Every Tuesday we teach english classes in the church, and it is so hard teaching english, but it is super cool teaching these people english.

This week we had a baptism. Not us, but the other missionaries here in Sevilla. It was super cool to see Fernando Arias getting baptized. We were hoping to get two baptisms this week but we haven't had any success this week. But if we play our cards right, we might get four baptisms in March! We are just going to keep working hard and hope that all of our hard work, diligence, patience, and obedience gets us there. I know that it is not the easiest thing, missionary work, but it is so worth it! I love the work and just hope that we can be the best missionaries that we can be.

Cool story for this week. Colombia has a weird sense of a good haircut, they are like military haircuts. Super short on the sides and then tall on top. Its ok I guess. I mean they are not that bad, I just miss my haircuts from home haha. They don't look that bad, we just look like policemen when we walk down the streets of Sevilla. Oh also the other day someone called me a Yankee. Thats a new one. haha

This week I have gone over a talk that was given to me by a friend before I left school and started preparing for my mission. I have kept that talk with me for about a year now. It really helps me focus on my purpose of a mission. The fourth missionary is a missionary who commits everything to serve the Lord. For me I ask myself, do I do the same thing? What can I do to be more like the fourth missionary? When I start doing things better like being more obedient, working on patience, and diligence. It helps me to be a better missionary. In turn, I learn so much! It has changed me and from now on, I will do whatever it takes to be the best missionary that I can be! I love this work and I know, that through the gospel we can truly be happy.

Have a good week ya Yankees.

Hiking mountains of Calarca

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