Saturday, February 20, 2016

There's Cats Everywhere

This week was very eventful. We have been very busy this week. We had a lot of appointments and had really good discussions, but non of our investigators made it to church. I was disappointed to say the least. But elder Mejia and I have really figured out our teaching pattern and we work really well together. I hope that I don't change yet considering I just got a new companion. Also today we head to Armenia for our zone meeting and then we get to play soccer as a zone. I feel like the best thing I have bought so far was my micro soccer ball. We use that thing so much it is probably my favorite thing we have in our entire apartment. So every day we get to have lunch with members and it works out really well. The only thing that was bad is that there is this member who has like 8 cats in his house. He was making food for us and I am pretty sure all of the cats were in the kitchen when he was making lunch for us haha. He has a ton of cats. He is a good guy and helps us a lot when we go teaching.

This week I have been watching this devotional given my Brad Wilcox. It is titled the grace of Christ is sufficient. I love it, it talks a lot about how we dont need to always feel like we are falling short, but that we can be content with progress. It talks a lot about there are only two options, perfection or quitting. That is so not true. Perfection might be our ultimate goal, but for right now we can be content with progress. Also we dont need to worry about feeling like we arent doing our best, but that If we can rely of Christ, in his perfect strength, we can accomplish great things. Always remember to put your faith and trust in him, and he will strengthen you in times of difficulty. I dont have a lot of time to write this week. Elder Mejia is pushing us to get to Armenia. Things are good here. Have a good week ya Americans.

√Člder Harris
January 18, 2016

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