Monday, March 21, 2016

6 Months

Hey.. This week has flown by! Yeah so this following week I will have been out for 6 months which is crazy, the time in the mission is flying by! Things here in the mission are great. Daily Elder Mejia and I are looking for new investigators. Right now there is a ton of work to do here in Sevilla Valle.

We have quite a few progressing investigators which is a miracle. We had the Osorio Baquero family come to church with us, also Juan Sebastian, Dayana Lopez, and Cris Dayana. Right now we have teach a lot of youth and we are looking for new families to teach. The only problem with families here in Sevilla is none of them are actually married. The live together but are not actually husband and wife. Us as missionaries, we just do our best to help them get those marriage papers ready so they can say I DO!

So I am still with Elder Mejia. This will be my third transfer with him and I think I will be going somewhere new this coming transfer. Man I have been in Sevilla for a long time. Its time for a change.

The weather here is a mix. Sometimes is gets really hot, like sweating out of my shirt daily kind of thing. And some days it will rain on and off during the day, and a little chilly. I guess thats just my area for ya.

This week I have started to keep a study journal during my personal studies. And that has made all the difference! I have learned so much more from taking notes, it helps a lot. Summarizing what I have learned and then applying it is crazy. Its amazing how the scriptures can change so much. When we make these daily things a habit, they can bless us in so many ways.

As far as spanish goes, I can read everything, understand everyone, but still lack in the speaking/writing department haha. I can say what I need to say, but still gotta work at it. This week was really great, and the days are flying by here in the mission.

The bad news is is I lost one of my mission placks this week. I still have the one for my shirt pocket, but lost the clip one. And Im so ticked!! Now I gotta get another uhhh

Oh well have a good week, stay safe ya yankees

When we can't play soccer, we play Ping Pong.

This little soda is S'CUTE.

Este es El Libro de Mormon

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