Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Park Drunks and Jump Rope

This week was super fun. There were a lot of events that were a bit out of the ordinary, but super fun. First we were sitting in the parking waiting for a member to come with us so we could teach a lesson. In the mean time this publicly intoxicated man walks towards us and starts speaking jibberish, I literally couldn't understand a word, it was definitely not Spanish. He threw his hat on the ground a few times and then would start poking our chests. We both gave him 200 pesos which is about 20 cents. He still wouldn't leave. Once the member finally came we were getting ready to leave when he gave both of us a very wet kiss on the hand. It was super gross. It was weird but also super funny. Definitely something to note.

Also the other day I saw the Colombian Fetty Wap. For those of you who don´t know who Fetty Wap is he is a Rapper with only one eye. It was cool because he reminded me exactly of him haha.

Also we were headed to go teach a discussion when in front of their house they were playing jump rope. They insisted that the Elders join in. My elementary school skills were a little rusty but I was able to do pretty good. That was a lot of fun.

There is some bad news tho. We now have a new rule as a mission that we can only play soccer with other missionaries. Im okay with that, its just that we are the farthest away from all the other missionaries, so we cant play soccer. Its bad because its like one of the few ways that I can relieve stress. Elder Mejia and I are getting pretty stressed out, it sucks. But today we are gonna play ping pong. All of that pong practice in the basement is going to pay off today. Maybe a could rounds of sting pong we´ll see.

Just a quick note for you guys to remember to say your prayers daily. Its amazing how something so simple can make such a difference. Also make sure to ask for specific questions, when we ask specific questions we receive specific answers. It is so true, it crazy but we can receive specific answers if we ask with faith.

Have a great week everyone. Hope to hear from you all soon.

Elder Harris :)

Hey I have an updated on the weirdest thing I have eaten in the mission. On Tuesday we had cow stomach. It was nasty. haha

Elder Castillo and I before he left for Medellin.

My favorite Peruvians, my comp Elder Mejia and Elder Castillo

Me and Toby, a dog of one of the members

And a photo of Elder Rice, he was super sick. Reminds me a lot of The Other Side of Heaven when Kolipoki has his feet drying in the sun after the rats ate his feet haha.

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