Monday, April 18, 2016

Feliz Abril

Well this week not a lot has really been going on, but I will do my best to write as long of a letter as I can, my mom likes long letters haha.

So this week went by really fast! We focused a lot of out time and energy looking for less active members and doing our best to bring them back to church. Its all a really long process but we are getting there. We are currently teaching a less active family, the Garces family. They have a lot of kids and I get them confused a lot because there are so many of them haha. But we have had a lot of success this week with finding new people to teach, we have spent most if not all our time looking for new people to teach, needless to say I am exhausted this week.

This next week we have changes! I am so excited, ill finally be going somewhere else, I have spent the first quarter of my mission here in Sevilla. Its been way too long, hopefully I go somewhere cool, either Medellin or the Coast. For some odd reason I really want to go to the coast, even though you sweat every second of every day, it sounds like a lot of fun.

This week we had one of our investigator families come to church! It was the firs time in about a month, and they came!! It was amazing, hopefully they will come next week as well. The only bad thing that happened was that someone stole their helmets during the church hours, hopefully that didn't leave a bad impression on them. I felt so bad, they go to church and what do they get? Their helmets stolen what a bummer. Also everyone here in Colombia has a motorcycle, it is so cool. Makes me want to get a moto when I get back.

Also last night we got some bad news, our investigator who is suppose to be getting baptized last week was in a motorcycle accident. He's fine, but he walks with a limp and is doing well more or less. We hope that we can continue to visit him and check up on him. He's doing alright, just hit a little rough patch.

Yeah so we had an inter exchange with the district leader last week, I love Elder Quiroga, he is so much like me, he is a fun loving guy and he is such a good leader. He make me laugh and smile more than any other elder. I also got a sweet case for my preach my gospel, cost about a dollar, which is a steel, that I love about Colombia.

I don't got a lot else to talk about, sorry this letter isn't super detailed, ill make sure to take good notes and keep you all informed next week. Also more photos if I can.

Have a great week everyone, stay safe and remember who you are. That wraps up this week stay tuned til next monday :)

April 11, 2016

Me and the Colombian cool kids.

I asked Josh what the circumstance was around this picture of kids. This is his reply:
That picture is at this sports park, all the kids come to me and ask for me to speak english to them its awesome! For once I feel famous, around kids hahaha

Found this little guy in our house.

I bought this awesome case for my Preach My Gospel. It cost 4 mil. A little more than a dollar.

Jampier and I, he loves photos, and yes that is 4 kittens I got there. Haha!

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