Monday, April 18, 2016

I got good news boys

Yeah so this week we have transfers and... I´m headed to the coast. Im going to be senior companion too. The zone is called Sincelejo. Its the farthest north of the zones. I´m glad that I´m headed there instead of going directly to Monteria. Sincelejo is a little cooler than the other areas, which that I am grateful for. Although I am a little sad to leave my first area, I am also excited for what the next area holds. I heard that the spanish accent in the coast is terrible and really hard to understand, I feel like it will make me have to learn spanish all over again. Also I will be going from the most southern zone to the most northern zone, it will be about a total of 20 hours in a bus, which is going to suck, but glad that I will be going back to the area where my buds Elder Norrel and Elder Zuchel are, i´m super pumped.

I cant really think of anything to update you guys on. We havn´t had a lot of success this week. So I think I´ll let all of you guys know exactly what we do as missionaries.
6:30 wake up in the morning, and then do exercise for 30 minutes
7 eat breakfast and get dressed/ready for the day
8 personal study
9 companionship study
10 study english for my latino companion and I study more spanish 11 start proselyting, teahcing lessons, doing service, saving souls
12:30 we have lunch with church members which is awesome, they also never give us water to drink, they always make fresh juice, which is the best part of lunch
2-9 teach lessons, doing service, saving more souls. Teaching the gospel of jesus christ and doing our best to help out our brothers and sisters here in Colombia
9 daily planning, we plan our activities for the next day and set goals for what we want to do
10:30 go to bed usually by the end of the day we are dead, and then we rest and then get a fresh start for the next day.

This is basically a day in the life of Elder Harris One more thing I would like to say, there was an earthquake in Ecuador, they said that they could feel it in Cali Colombia, which is close to Sevilla, but nobody here felt it. When we found out that there was an earthquake we didnt believe it, it was like nothing happened hahahhaha. But this is what happened this week. Cant wait to tell you more about what is in store in the coast. Keep up the good work peeps, the next photos youll see of me ill be a bit tanner haha

Elder Harris

April 18, 2016

I lucked out and got a lot of photos with a lot of our investigators and less active members. The reason for a lot of photos is because I am headed to a new area! Im headed to the coast, going to an area called Sincelejo. Ill be senior comp too! We´ll see how it goes. I have heard that there are a lot of iguanas on the coast too! Im so excited.

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