Friday, May 13, 2016

Colombian Women Act Like American Men

I swear the Colombian women act like the dudes back in the U.S Whenever my comp and I walk down the streets we get a lot of cat calls. It can get a little annoying now and then. We get a few comments like this. "WOW IT IS SO HOT TODAY." or "I CANT LOOK AT THEM IT IS A SIN TO LOOK." It is almost a daily thing. Sister Wahlquist was right, i wouldn´t have a lot of severe problems in Colombia, the main problems are the women, man that is so true. But this week was really good, I love my comp. This area is really nice, we have a lot of investigators we are updating the area and this week we are going to have a lot of new investigators. We were suppose to have a baptism this week but we didnt. It was suppose to be a kid of 14 years old named Jose Junior. He was all ready until Elder Zuchel and I, the district leader, went to get a permission slip signed so he could be baptized. She refused because she wants to see a real change in him first before he can be baptized in any church. It broke my heart, because she said that he has made a change, but it wasnt enough for her. She says he is lazy a bit in school and that he doesnt speak the cleanest language around her. We want to tell her that it is important that he does have a change, but baptism is where it starts. If I had to be nearly perfect before I was baptized I probably wouldnt have been baptized either. If it also wasnt my parents have a lot of patience with me as young adult and a child, I probably never would have been who I am today. We hope that Jose can change his aditudes so he can get baptized. We also are teaching a woman named Jaqueline, she is practically a member but has yet to be baptized. She goes all the time to teach, reads her scriptures and prayers often. She just cant yet because she lives together with her boyfriend but is not married. She wants to get seperated but cant find work yet, so we are being patient with her hoping that in the coming weeks she will be ready. Thats a little bit of what is going on as far as the work here in Sahagun. Also something that is really cool here they have these things called Moto-Carros. Its is like a three wheel motorcycle with a roof over it. It seats about 4 people including the driver. So whenever we go places together us 4 missionaries. It can be a pain in the butt.

This week it will be my birthday. 20 YEARS BABY. Man that makes me feel old, but thats okay. We will have to do something special here in Sahagun, we´ll see, I'm really looking forward to the following few days here. Always a fun day here in Sahagun.

Also this week I will get the chance to skype with my family. The last time I talked with them was on Christmas, really stoked to see how they all are doing and catch up with them. This will be a great week, cant wait to tell you all about it in the coming week letter.

May 2, 2016

A classic missionary pic. Walking down dirt roads with Elder Zuchel.

Look at that Beautiful work of art, and the sunset.

Got sunburnt really bad last Monday, don't worry mom it's all better now.

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